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clé de peau BEAUTÉ #TheIconRegenerates

La Creme, clé de peau BEAUTÉ’s top of the range product calls for a film just like this… produced by mplusk films.


clè de peau BEAUTÈ – CremeRouge lipsticks

CremeRouge by clè de peau BEAUTÈ in triple crème colour. Matte, shine, sparkles.

Dynamic motion control product and camera moves in combination with powerful music. Produced by mplusk films. Directors edit with product shots only.

Previs as full CGI animatic, produced out of camera – ending in a packshot sequence fully matching with print keyvisual.



client: clé de peau BEAUTÉ

agency: shiseido creative, Tokyo

composing/retouch: flayr

edit: The Quarry, London


clé de peau BEAUTÉ #TheRadiantSkyCollection

What a dreamy mix of motion control product shots, high-speed special effects and animations of the zodiac signs for this limited edition collection.
The RadiantSky campaign for clé de peau BEAUTÉ.
Print and moving image.

client: clé de peau BEAUTÉ
agency: shiseido creative, Tokyo
film production: mplusk
directors: Mierswa-Kluska
composing&animation: NHB
photography: Mierswa-Kluska
retouch: studio Mierswa-Kluska


mplusk films is a media production laboratory,
focused on advanced moving images, digital content and experimental commercials –
breaking down the boundaries between high-end photography and film, design and art, technology and emotion.

Our creativity is based on our enthusiasm for digital and mechanical research and our knowledge of luxury brands, their products and aesthetics.

We provide in-house creative direction and production services.

mplusk films
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Artdirection: Herburg Weiland
Implementation: Max Brandl